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In December 2020, West Berkshire Council published a proposal for up to 2,500 new homes on a single large site at North East Thatcham, for inclusion in the forthcoming West Berkshire Local Plan Review 2020-2037.  1,250 of these homes would be delivered by 2037 during the Local Plan period, with the other half delivered after 2037.

Croudace Homes and the Colthrop Village Consortium are working together to promote an alternative housing strategy that would deliver Thatcham’s housing needs for the Local Plan period on two smaller sites, provide critical infrastructure that the town needs, and reduce the impact of new development on Thatcham residents.

Henwick Park

Colthrop Village

Why is this strategy better than North East Thatcham?

We hope you agree that our alternative housing strategy
is preferable to the North East Thatcham proposal:

We have commissioned some additional evidence on the highways impact of our alternative strategy, as well as some evidence on the education capacity and needs of Thatcham.  You can view this evidence by clicking on the links below:
Newbury and Thatcham Education Capacity and Needs Review – Nexus Research & Analytics
An Alternative Housing Strategy For Thatcham: Transport Note – Mode Transport Planning

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    If you would like more information about the proposals for Henwick Park or Colthrop Village, click on the links below.  You can also view the information on this website in PDF format by clicking here.

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